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April 2014

Accessorizing Without Reservations

Every day in my shop I talk with designers about their various projects. Regardless of their design style or aesthetic, every designer strives to answer the same questions: How can I set my designs apart from others? How can I make a good design great? Every project starts with the basics – furniture, flooring, walls, and windows.

Design Legends By & With Charlotte Nail*

When approaching a new project, Bill Stubbs suggests start­ing in one corner of the room and building out the look you want by placing your favorite items in a pleasing and comfort­able mariner throughout the room.

Classic & Trendy

Are you in, or are you out? Whether you are a designer, a fashionista, or simply a homeowner with an eye for design, you have probably walked into a room in a hotel or perhaps a neighbor’s house and thought – how out-dated! Fashion can be a capricious mistress, even in the world of interior design.

Reflections of Style

Mirrors figure prominently in many design projects for the reason that they are not only beautiful accessories, but they can be practical design solutions.