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Posted On Feb 3, 2012

Discover the newest design trends and get inspired by Leslie Sinclair Come enjoy a light lunch and hear Leslie talk on furniture finishes and antiques.



Leslie Sinclair Biography

 Graduating from the University of Texas with a business degree, Leslie left her corporate job in 1995 to start Segreto Finishes, naming the company after her husband’s family. Segreto, which means secret in Italian, rolls up all of Leslie’s passions - architecture, interior design, art, people and business- into her idea of the perfect job. Sinclair's talent for color, bringing innovative products to Houston, hiring and training a quality staff and working with people on their individual needs, built Segreto’s reputation.
Leslie opened an art gallery Segreto Studios in 2009, writes the weekly blog Segreto: Secrets to Beautiful Living, and has recently published her first book Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors.


Book Description 

Delve into the world of home design through the perspective of a decorative painter. In Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors, Leslie Sinclair shares her secrets on how fine finishing can transform and enhance any interior.

Filled with beautiful homes that serve as visual inspiration, this 300 page oversized coffee table book details the vast number of finishes available and offers tips on how to choose the right one for an array of design and architectural styles. Drawing on over 15 years of experience, Leslie showcases the many ways in which specialty finishes impart warmth, character and depth, whether the goal is to give new construction an established feel, update an existing home or fashion the perfect backdrop for contemporary or traditional furnishings and art.

Explore the breathtaking rooms within and enjoy a multitude of design styles by the bevy of talented interior designers, builders, architects and homeowners that Leslie has been privileged to work with through the years. Segreto: Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors gives you the knowledge of what is available today and the confidence to create an ambiance that best reflects the particular period or design style you desire, by simply applying the right finish.





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